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2017 Mac’s Homeowners Association vs Gebo (93A)

MY COMMENT: The owner of a mobile home park tried to sell the park to a developer but did not provide the tenants with proper forms notifying them in advance and allowing them to exercise their right of first refusal. A housing court judge dismissed their case against...
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Why We Need Mandatory Rent Escrow in MA

I know this is long but it contains everything on the topic of mandatory rent escrow, all pro and against arguments, etc. INTRODUCTION: This is designed to be the definitive paper on Rent Escrow in MA, an all-encompassing paper that looks at this issue from all angles. I...
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2016 Meikle v. Nurse (Landlords cannot evict a tenant unless they have followed the Security Deposit law 100% to the letter)

MY COMMENTS: This case was turned into a big deal by http://massrealestatelawblog.com and the Landlord Association at http://masslandlords.net. That association even asked a lawyer to write a “friend of the court” brief where they argued that Security Deposit violations are only counterclaims (for money) and not defenses (preventing evictions). That is...
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