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3 Ways to Cut The Housing Court Case Load

I have been a member of several landlord groups where Housing Court judges show up occasionally to speak and they sometimes take close to half of their time complaining how their case load is very high and how we should contact our legislators to ask them to give...
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My 1st Book

THE SIX MOST COMMON LAWSUITS AGAINST MASSACHUSETTS LANDLORDS by ELMIR SIMOV   I am so exited to be able to share with you my first book. You can buy it from Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble or here. I have been a Landlord in MA for 16 years...
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The 8 Laws We Must Change in 2013

1. A BILL TO HAVE THE 14-day NOTICE FOR NON-PAYMENT OF RENT BE SHORTENED TO A 7-DAY OR A 3-DAY AS IT IS IN CA. SECTION 1. Section 11A of Chapter 186 of the General Laws, as appearing in the 2008 Official Edition, is hereby amended by striking...
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Judge Dina Fein, follow the law, please! (part 2)

After I published¬†Judge Dina Fein, follow the law, please¬†I received a comment by Attorney A. Joseph Ross saying that Leardi is consistent with the ruling in Hershenow. I realized that I couldn’t answer with a couple of sentences and that my answer would require its own post. Here...
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Judge Dina Fein, follow the law please!

In a recent decision (Karl Pumiglia v Northland Cliffside, Oct’12) judge Dina Fein from Western Housing Court acknowledges that the SJC in Hershenow v Enterprise Rent-a-Car, 2006 requires an actual injury to the Consumer before $25 and Attorney Fees can be awarded under 93A (The Unfair and Deceptive...
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Letter about 93A and Rent Escrow

Dear Legislators, I am writing this because twenty nine years ago in Nei v Burley the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts did something which was very anti-Independence Day. They ruled that 93A did not come with the right to a jury. They were wrong. It should come with...
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Tenants’ Rights in Massachusetts: Private Housing

This eBook on Tenants’ Rights in Massachusetts is written and published by MassLegalHelp who according to their web site are “Promoting justice in Massachusetts with legal information”. I think it is written with a very broad brush and with little regard for the nuances of the law but...
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Top 3 Laws We Need Changed Now

Dear Legislators, Many people in this state believe that the laws in MA are very anti-landlord and they need to be modified. As landlords here are the top 3 things we NEED from this legislative session: 1. Mandatory Rent Escrow. That will address tenant retaliation which is currently...
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