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All Required Forms

1. Receipt of First Month 2. Receipt of Last Month 3. Receipt of Security Deposit 4. Receipt to Change the Lock 5. Statement of Condition 6. The undersigned acknowledges receipt of…for NEW Tenants 7. Location of Security Deposits (to be sent via Certified Mail within 30 days of...
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Flagg v Alimed (what is associational discrimination?)

SUMMARY:This case defines associational discrimination. The term “associational discrimination” refers to a claim that a plaintiff, although not a member of a protected class himself or herself, is the victim of discriminatory animus directed toward a third person who is a member of the protected class and with...
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BARRON CHIROPRACTIC & REHABILITATION, P.C. vs. NORFOLK & DEDHAM GROUP (You have the right not to accept settlement with an insurance company and continue your lawsuit against them so they can cover your attorney fees and other costs if you win)

SUMMARY: If an insurer has not paid your benefits within 30 days of when those benefits became due and payable, then you can sue them for breach of contract. If an insurer offers you to settle before trial and you accept, you cannot continue suing them and they...
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