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2010 Papadopoulos v Target Corp (Natural Accumulation of Snow)

Yesterday the Supreme Court of MA overturned about 125 years of precedent and decided to lower the standard when it comes to property owner’s liability regarding slip and fall claims and substitute the “natural vs unnatural accumulation of snow” standard with the “reasonable care” standard. SUMMARY: The plaintiff...
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2009 – 2010 Press Releases by the Attorney General of MA

May 06, 2009 – For immediate release: AG Obtains Consent Judgment Against Boston Realty Company Resolving Allegations of Discrimination BOSTON- Attorney General Martha Coakley’s Office has obtained a consent judgment against a Boston realty company and one of its owners, resolving allegations that they violated Massachusetts antidiscrimination laws...
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2009 Dolores v Gustafson (Security Deposits)

    EURIDICES A. DOLORES, and another [Note 1] v. CHERYL GUSTAFSON, and another [Note 2]   2009 Mass. App. Div. 267   November 25, 2009   Appellate Division Northern District   Court Below: District Court, Natick Division   Present: Greco, P.J., Coven and Brant, JJ.   Alan...
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2009 Taylor v Beaudry (Security Deposit)

Dear Appellate Court Judges,   Recently there was a case in the Appellate Court called Taylor v Beaudry 75 Mass.App.Ct. 411 (2009). It was returned back to Housing Court and I believe it is listed as 07-CV-209 there. This is a case of first impression and the ramifications...
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2009 Nutt v Florio (dogs)

KILLIAN NUTT [FN1] . EMIL A. FLORIO & another. [FN2] No. 08-P-81. Middlesex. April 14, 2009. – October 19, 2009. Present: COHEN, KATZMANN, & GRAINGER, JJ. One owning or controlling real estate, Duty to prevent harm, Foreseeability of harm. CIVIL ACTION commenced in the Superior Court Department on...
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2008 Tracy v Norve (right to a jury under 93A)

SOUTHEASTERN DIVISION Docket # 04-CV-01109 Parties: Noel Tracy and Michael Tracy v. Norve Properties, LLC and Lawrence E. Norve, Jr. Judge: /s/WILBUR P. EDWARDS, JR. ASSOCIATE JUSTICE Date: March 19, 2008 MEMORANDUM OF DECISION ON PLAINTIFFS’ M.G.L. c. 93A CLAIM This civil action was initiated by the Plaintiffs...
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2007 Taylor v Burke (Security Deposit must be in a MA bank)

69 Mass. App. Ct. 77 (2007)   JOHN C. TAYLOR vs. MARGARET M. BURKE   No. 05-P-1433. Essex. September 13, 2006. – May 17, 2007.   Present: RAPOZA, C.J., GELINAS, & GRAINGER, JJ.   Landlord and Tenant, Security deposit. Statute, Construction. CIVIL ACTION commenced in the Northeast Division...
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