Re: Sealing Evictions bill S.824 and similar

Kick me. I am a Landlord
Open Letter to all Legislators in MA Dear Legislators, My name is Elmir Simov and I have been a landlord in MA for over 20 years and I own 45 apartments in Central MA. I have been to Housing Court over 50-60 times. I have even represented myself...
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2018 Cambridge Street Realty vs Melinda Stewart

MY SUMMARY AND COMMENTS This decision was issued today. The tenant was repeatedly late with her rent. The landlord served her a Notice For Cause (constantly being late and some storage violations) thru a constable. The trial was set Oct 20, 2016. On that date the tenant did...
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Another winner : Quinn Sargent (aka Knox Sargent)

This prospective tenant left a 1-star review about my business on Yelp which I thought was uncalled for so here is my response.  Here is her original review: “The interactions even during the application process were enough to scare me away. I can not imagine what they would...
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