Lack of Courage

It’s amazing to me and a little bit funny that both the State and the Federal judges evaluating the Moratorium are not finding so far that it’s unconstitutional yet I have yet to meet a single person black or white, male or female, rich or poor, tenant or...
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CDC Eviction Moratorium expiring 12-31-20

My Comment: CDC issued a nationwide eviction moratorium to start when the MA expires. It looks like it bans non-payment evictions  but NOT no-cause evictions or for-cause evictions. It’s most likely unconstitutional. The Executive branch cannot close the Judicial Branch. How temporary is temporary? Here is a link...
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Anna Mae Bullock

I listened to the Audio of the Hearing of Matorin v Commonwealth one more time (thank you, Attorney Vetstein) Here are some questions that were raised. Since this is an existential crisis I urge all attorneys on my list to offer to help atty Vetstein with research and...
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How to Lower Rents, Homelessness and Evictions in MA

massachusetts landlord rights
The bills are now the topic of a “public hearing” that has been called for 9:00 a.m. this coming Tuesday, July 28. Because of Covid-19, ONLY WRITTEN TESTIMONY will be received. Click on this link to submit written testimony: If you have any problems using the form (it doesn’t...
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The Eviction Moratorium Law Ch.65

cant breathe
Fourth of July, 2020 Open Letter to all the justices of SJC, all judges of Housing Court, the full Legislature and the Governor.     Regarding The Eviction Moratorium Law   No Branch of Government Can Order Another Branch What to Do and That’s the Way It’s Supposed...
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