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I am so exited to be able to share with you my first book. You can buy it from and Barnes and Noble or here.

I have been a Landlord in MA for 16 years and own about 55 apartments and condos in Massachusetts. While I am not a lawyer I represented myself in a Jury Trial in Housing Court and won 100% with the Jury in a 4-day trial against me. There was an experienced tenant attorney on the other side. The Jury voted “not liable” on all 6 questions that we in front of them.

The Six Most Common Lawsuits Against Landlords in Massachusetts
The Six Most Common Lawsuits Against Landlords in Massachusetts


Aren’t you tired to be counter-sued by tenants every time you try to evict them? What if there was a book out there that gave you the ammunition to fight back? That’s what I had in mind when I assembled this reference. It is mostly Appellate and Supreme Judicial Court quotes that define the most common counterclaims against us. Housing court judges are required to apply them.

This eBook answers the following 6 questions: 1. What is a Breach of the Warranty of Habitability? 2. What is a Breach of Quiet Enjoyment? 3.  What is Emotional Distress? 4. What is Retaliation? 5. What is Discrimination? and 6. What is 93A (Unfair and Deceptive Practices)? – You can read this chapter for free at the end of this page.

Each one of these Claims, if raised against you, can cost you many thousands of dollars. All of them (except Habitability) come with Attorney Fees (in other words, you pay for the Tenant’s Attorney as well if you lose) which can also cost you many thousands of dollars. It is very easy to lose in Housing Court in MA if you are a landlord.

This book is different from other books on the subject because it gets straight to the point and provides the actual quotations from the Appellate and Supreme Court Cases that judges must use when determining if the landlord behavior fits into one of these six claims.

Several points to consider regarding the price: $47 is about what we pay for an electrical fixture, 1/5th the price of a stove, 1/5th the price of a fridge, 1/2 of a cell phone monthly bill, the price of a dinner for 2 and will cover only 15 minutes if you have to hire a lawyer…I guarantee you that no lawyer will share all of this information with you in 15 min ….or ever, for that matter…(:



“The book is extremely well done although it missed upon the fact that many that shall read it are in fact laymen .
Another words it could be written to be better understood for the common man . Just my 2 cents. A MUST HAVE BOOK…….” L.MICHAUD

“Found it to be easy reading and backed up by previous decisions made by the court. Seems that it should be mandatory reading for the newcomer starting as a landlord. Well presented with the correct documentation.” E. FEDDOR

“This book goes into critical legal cases that have shaped the Massachusetts legal environment for the warranty of habitability, quiet enjoyment, emotional distress, retaliation, discrimination and 93A (the consumer protection law). The hefty price tag of $47 may be well worth it if you manage to avoid a costly tenant lawsuit in any of these areas.” S. SCHLOMING, President,  (Small Property Owners Association Newsletter)

“…an essential read for all MA landlords.” R. SABADOSA. President, The Rental Housing Association of Greater Springfield,

“You hit on some great topics and was very informative for landlords. I would think anyone that is a property owner should have a copy of your book.” R. KAPLAN, host of NEREJ Radio

FREE PREVIEW – The 6th Claim – What is 93A (Unfair and Deceptive behavior in MA)?

The price of this book is $47.00

If you want to buy it please send me an email at e AT massachusettslandlords DOT com.


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