Housing Court Judge DINA FEIN, no cases after 2008

There are no cases after 2008 available at the Social Library by Judge Fein. It seems she is the only Housing Judge who refuses to share her cases with the Public.

To read her cases you have to go in person to Western Housing Court and request to see her cases by docket number!!! Well, if we knew the docket numbers we would have the case already, duh!!! We don’t have docket numbers. We just want any case over 3 pages for 2014 so we can see what her reasoning is so that we can avoid getting in trouble.

I guess she is most comfortable when her decisions are away from sunlight (:

Maybe she thinks that she is “above the law” and what applies to her colleagues does not apply to her or she has some other agenda.

What’s your agenda, Judge Fein?

Why won’t you publish your selected cases in the Social Library like the other judges do?

I know you are publishing some opinions in Lawyers Weekly but only lawyers can read that publication. It’s not available to the Public. You want to be noticed by other lawyers and judges, is that it?