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The Hearing on MGL 93A and The Lead Paint Law on 02-28-12 was quite educational

The Hearing on MGL 93A and The Lead Paint Law on 02-28-12 was quite educational

Before I begin, this is a new format for emails that I am using. If you see any bugs, please let me know. You can let me know if you like it too. Most importantly the more landlords are reached the higher chance we have to change the anti-landlord MA laws so2012-02-28 State House 93A Hearing please forward this to other landlords.

I went to the State House in Boston to testify the other day. The rooms were packed with people asking for a Constitutional Amendment invalidating the Citizens United decision of the US Supreme Court declaring that corporations are people and they could contribute to political campaigns. There were also many people protesting what was perceived as a dangerous anti-immigration proposal in response to one person killed by a drunk driver who happened to be an illegal immigrant. The hearings lasted from 1pm to 7pm. Usually they are much shorter.

As far as 93A and the Lead Paint law there were only two people in the room (one other landlord and me). We witnessed how numbers matter and the numbers in the room can influence the legislators and “guide” them into doing what the people in the room want them to do. We’ll see how they would decide on those bills but based on the comments they made I have a feeling they would go along and do what the people in the room wanted them to do.

I wish there were more landlords there. Two out of maybe tens of thousands of MA landlords is not enough and we won’t change the laws with such low turnout. We can’t expect different results by doing the same things.

I will try to keep these posts short. I am not an expert on how things are done in the State House but I will publish all my right and wrong steps along the way to help others.

Several other bills were denied on 02-29-12. Oh well, if only 7-8 landlords show up (as they did) to demand their passage this result is quite predictable. Maybe next year…

HB2669 – An Act relative to summary process for nonpayment of rent (wanted to serve less than 14-day notice)

Action: H Accompanied study order


HB1247 – An Act relative to modification of tenants’ late fees (wanted to charge late feea after 10 days)

Action: H Accompanied study order



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