1986 Castenholz v Caira (Security Deposit)

DAVID J. CASTENHOLZ vs. MARY CAIRA & another. [Note 1]   21 Mass. App. Ct. 758   February 15, 1985 – March 28, 1986   Suffolk County   Present: ARMSTRONG, KASS, & FINE, JJ.   Where landlords failed to place a tenant’s security deposit in an escrow account...
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1985 Wallace Motor v. American Motor (93A)

780 F2d 1049 Wallace Motor Sales Inc v. American Motors Sales Corporation Wallace Motor Sales Inc 780 F.2d 1049 19 Fed. R. Evid. Serv. 1210 WALLACE MOTOR SALES, INC., Ralph E. Wallace, Plaintiffs and Third-Party Defendants, Appellants, v. AMERICAN MOTORS SALES CORPORATION, Defendant, Appellee. WALLACE MOTOR SALES, INC.,...
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1984 Leardi v Brown (no actual injury required under 93A)

394 Mass. 151 (1985) 474 N.E.2d 1094 TINA LEARDI & others[1] vs. HAROLD BROWN[2] & another.[3]   Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, Suffolk. November 7, 1984. February 28, 1985.   Present: HENNESSEY, C.J., WILKINS, LIACOS, ABRAMS, & LYNCH, JJ.   M. Robert Dushman (Steven M. Brody with him)...
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1983 Nei v Burley (no right to a jury under 93A)

PHILIP NEI & another [Note 1] vs. JUSTIN W. BURLEY & others. [Note 2] 388 Mass. 307 September 16, 1982 – March 4, 1983 Essex County Present: WILKINS, ABRAMS, NOLAN, LYNCH, & O’CONNOR, JJ. In an action by the buyers of a house lot against the sellers and...
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1982 Simon v Solomon (emotional distress, quiet enjoyment)

JEANETTE SIMON, executrix, vs. CELESTE SOLOMON. 385 Mass. 91 September 18, 1981 – January 18, 1982 Suffolk County Present: HENNESSEY, C.J., WILKINS, LIACOS, ABRAMS, NOLAN, & LYNCH, JJ. On a claim by a tenant seeking to recover damages from her former landlord for reckless infliction of emotional distress,...
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