Well, It’s official – The Supreme Court of the United States sides with landlords against the CDC moratorium

Yesterday the Supreme Court of the United States finally agreed with landlords that the CDC Eviction Moratorium is illegal. That being said, by a 5-4 vote they allowed it to slowly and orderly wind down by 8-1-21 never to be allowed again unless Congress passes a law specifically authorizing the CDC to issue Eviction Moratoriums (which if that happens I guess should be immediately challenged on constitutional grounds).

Now if only we can do the same thing in MA – the SJC to agree with landlords that the State Moratorium was unconstitutional so that next time there is an epidemic or a biological attack or whatever, we don’t end up where we are now. MassLandlords as the only statewide landlord association must take the lead and file these cases instead of relying on the goodwill and public service of private attorneys.



20210610160741010_20A169 Alabama Realtors

20210603170521964_SCOTUS Application to Vacate Stay


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