Democracy Dies in Dumbness

Over the years I have noticed that I have much less problems when my tenants are better educated compared to when they are not. That and also several weeks before elections I am concerned where the country is going. So I wrote this letter to several people who have the power to change things and improve the Educational System in this country or at least start the conversation.


To President Biden, Secretary of Education Cardona, Speaker Pelosi and Leader Schumer,


Democracy Dies in Dumbness

Because education is expensive, some people choose not to pay for it because they don’t have the money. Because they don’t go to college, they stay uneducated. When they are uneducated they vote for the wrong representatives and the more they elect the wrong people, the poorer they become and the poorer they become it gets harder for them or their children to go to college. It’s a vicious cycle which WILL lead to the loss of our Democracy and kill us under Global Warming or some Nuclear Disaster. Uneducated people electing other uneducated people to power is dangerous.

The purpose of a good education is to help the student distinguish between reliable and unreliable sources of information, between fact and fiction. It takes so long because it’s not an easy matter to do that in the 21st century. I don’t know why all of this is not learned in high school (there is really no excuse for it) but if it cannot be learned there then we need for it to be learned in state colleges which are free to the public.

In no particular order all of the following things have a lot to do with not getting sufficiently good education in History and Science: falling for conspiracy theories, the opioid crisis, the overweight epidemic, being religious, misinterpreting the 2nd amendment, being overly offended and sensitive to other people speech, voting for cults not real parties, believing that socialism a la Russe style is better than capitalism, staying home and not voting, ending up with the current abortion situation, waving the confederate flag, burning books, slavery, racism, anti-vaxxers, global warming denying, territorial wars, blaming minorities and immigrants for social ills, being anti-gay and anti-trans, etc.

It is fine to cancel some student debt but it is much, much, much more important to make state colleges free so that America can start going to school because it’s getting dumb and dumber and that is a clear and present danger to our Democracy. It’s a national security matter.

We need to better educate the future electorate in History and Science and lay the foundation for that by making state colleges free to attend. Speeches about Democracy and ultra MAGA are great but without fixing the educational foundation, what’s the point? People can’t save Democracy if they never studied in school what Democracy is.

People think that the biggest problem in America is the Economy or the Health Care or the Polarization or the attack on Minority Rights, etc but I think the biggest problem (by far) and not only in America but around the world is the lack of adequate Education. If that is fixed, everything else will fall into place.

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