Residential MA Lease

This Lease has been formed by over 15 years of trial and error. I currently use this Lease in my business. I have never been sued because of it. It has never been raised as an issue in 15 years and in over 30 evictions I have been involved in. It has been inspected by at least 2 landlord-tenant attorneys in writing.

It costs less than the price of a stove or a refrigerator and about what a lawyer charges for an hour and a half of consultation. I have looked at many of Massachusetts Residential Leasethe online leases that they sell all over the Internet for about $50 and even though they say they are designed for MA, I have found many obvious errors in them that can cost you dearly. You get what you pay for.

Obviously, due to the nature of the product there can be no guarantees except if you feel that it is not what you expected then I will refund your money within 45 days of purchase if purchased here or 15 days if purchased anywhere else. Also, if, within 5 years of purchase, in a written decision a judge or a jury finds an illegal clause or an illegal sentence in this lease then I will refund your $295 plus pay you another $295 for your trouble.

This lease is 15 pages long single-spaced, 65 clauses and it is 8,712 words.

The price of this lease is $295.

If you want to buy it, please send me an email at e AT massachusettslandlords DOT com.


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