How I Got Over $10,000 Back From 5 Assessors

I am not a Republican. I am a Democrat. In fact, I am a Liberal Democrat as liberal as Bill Maher. So progressive in fact that I believe that even drugs like cocaine and heroin (not to mention weed) should be de-criminalized, regulated and taxed and all people...
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Most Plumbers in MA are Losers

Yes, I can make that statement after 15 years. After 15 years you would think I would be able to find at least one decent, reliable plumber who would keep his appointments and do his job without trying to cheat you. I have been able to find a...
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Happy Birthday to You,

Summer is over. Why haven’t I written anything in 3 months not counting the post I published last week? By the way, you can read it here   Reason 1) I bought 2 multifamily buildings and have been busy rehabbing them. I bought a 4-family for $15,750 and...
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2013 Franklin Office Park Realty v DEP (If You Knew or Should Have Known That the Shingles or Tiles Had Asbestos, You Can Get Fined Close to $20,000 Without a Warning (Even If You Hire a Licensed Company to Dispose of Them))

FRANKLIN OFFICE PARK REALTY CORP. vs. COMMISSIONER OF the DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION. SUMMARY and comments   The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) fined Franklin Office Park Realty (FOB) $18,225 for improper disposal of roof shingles that contained asbestos. FOB appealed the decision of the DEP saying that...
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Attorney General Press Releases – 1st half of 2013

Cambridge Landlord to Pay $25,000 to Settle Claims of Housing Discrimination and Retaliation Against a Family Trust Accused of Failing to Remove Lead Paint Hazards BOSTON – The owner of an apartment building in Cambridge has agreed to pay $25,000 to settle allegations that a former trustee and...
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2013 Klairmont v Gainsboro Restaurant (a judge can ignore a jury verdict using 93A on the same set of facts)

                                                              Lisa KLAIRMONT & another, [FN1] administrators, [FN2] vs. GAINSBORO RESTAURANT, INC., [FN3] and others. [FN4] SJC-11154. Suffolk. January 7, 2013. – May 16, 2013. Consumer Protection Act, Unfair or deceptive act, Availability of remedy, Damages, Attorney’s fees, Jury trial. State Building Code. Wrongful Death. Survival of Action....
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